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Everyone knows (or should know) that keeping accurate, up-to-date corporate records is important to maintaining the integrity of every corporation.

You incorporated for a reason, there are great benefits, there are also some responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is keeping accurate, up-to-date corporate records.


If you have received a form from us in the mail then your state (and virtually all of them do) requires your corporation to hold an annual meeting of shareholders and keep a record (minutes) of the meeting. Just fill in the form (making sure you fill in all the fields marked “Required”), return it to us with a check for our fee and we will return documents to you that will meet the requirements of your state’s statutes for annual meetings. The documents we prepare for your corporation will keep you in compliance with your state’s requirements and allow you to avoid the necessity of holding actual meetings of the necessary parties.

You can engage an attorney (and we all know how expensive that can be), you can prepare them yourself (but why spend your valuable time learning all the ins and outs of those regulations, you have a business to run) or you can use our services (SIMPLE, ACCURATE AND INEXPENSIVE).

It’s simple and inexpensive and the documents prepared by us have been reviewed by attorneys with over 50 years experience dealing with corporate matters. We are an independent service company, not connected with any government agency and these documents are not required to be filed with any government agency. You are required to keep these documents with your corporate records.

Most states require your corporation to file an "Annual Report" with the Secretary of State's office. The documents we prepare do not fufill your states requirement for filing an "Annual Report". In most states you can file your "Annual Report" electronically. Visit the Secretary of State's website for your state to obtain information and the required forms you will need to file your "Annual Report".

Any questions, it’s the electronic age, just send us off an email to: corpcompliance@corpsrvc.com and we will reply promptly.